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1 On 1 Coaching

If you’re wondering what life coaching is all about, and how it can help you reach your potential, you’ve come to the right place.

Life Coaching is a collaborative process, in which I help you define, articulate and strategically move towards what you really want in life. Together, we’ll make an action plan, and I’ll guide you towards success as you define it and deserve it – supporting you every step of the way.

Start Your Journey to a Happier, More Confident , and More Successful You

How Does Life Coaching Work?

I actively listen to you – without judgement

Pun întrebări – care îți vor da ție oportunitatea de a gândi în feluri și perspective noi

Te motivez, te încurajez, te susțin pe tot parcursul conversațiilor noastre

I share helpful resources and information tailored to your needs

I help you reveal, define, and then focus on achieving your true passions and dreams

I help you build supportive structures and environments in your life - ones you can count on

I hold you to your highest personal standards - and make you accountable to your best self!

What will I work on with you as my coach?

Anything you want and need to create a life you’re excited to live!
Think of it as:
Vei reuși să resimți mai puțin(ă):

Fear | Frustration | Boredom | Resentment Disappointment | Doubt | Confusion Overwhelm | Indecision | Emotional and Financial Exhaustion

Vei primi mai mult(ă):

bucurie | speranță | încredere | echilibru | abundență | pace | energie | motivare | claritate | timp | productivitate | libertate | curaj | prosperitate.

How many life-coaching sessions will I need?


How long you feel you’d like to work with me depends entirely on you and your situation – and it’s completely your choice. Although, typically, the average number of sessions is 12 or more. This allows your success to evolve gradually and consistently, and gives our relationship time to develop. The best approach is to continue with coaching as long as you feel each session is helpful.

Still Have Some Questions? I’d Love to Hear from You.